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Zultys develops products that enable companies and organizations to deploy integrated communications systems.
Zultys products are designed to maximize investment, interoperability and usability. Companies and organizations around the world are experiencing the benefits of a Zultys Open Standards IP platform for their communications needs.

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Star2Star Communications develops and delivers Integrated Communication and Collaboration solutions that connect and enable Productive Business People. Star2Star's award-winning technology employs a unique Blended Architecture that overcomes the reliability and quality limitations of other Internet communications technologies. Founded in 2006, Star2Star delivers innovative features and increased productivity while providing substantial cost savings.

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Toshiba's goal is to migrate existing and new customers to a highly adaptive, applications enabled, IP Communications Solution that will allow the Enterprise to do business the way they want to. Their system will incorporate the best of today's quality and reliability, call handling, messaging, and other applications in a well abstracted, cutting edge, rules based architecture for unparalleled flexibility.

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