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Managed Services

ComSys is the only communications provider in the region to offer the innovative Current Technology Assurance Program (C-TAP). This program is designed so businesses can have a fixed cost for their communications infrastructure while assuring they are able to stay on top of the most current technology available.


Telecommunications technology is advancing at a pace never before seen in the industry, increasing the importance of programs that help you protect your investment. C-TAP is designed just for that purpose. It allows businesses to install current technology without large up front costs, to upgrade to new technology without increasing monthly payments, and to ensure total protection of their communications infrastructure.

Great America

ComSys has partnered with Technology Assurance Group and Great America Leasing to provide this revolutionary new program.

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Five-Star Warranty

At ComSys, we believe that the quality of the products we sell should be directly related to the warranty we offer on those products. Since today's telecommunication systems have become more complex and software-driven, both companies and individuals recognize the need to control ongoing costs. ComSys offers a warranty program unequaled in the industry. A one year parts and labor warranty is standard, but ComSys provides a five year parts warranty on many or most of our voice related products included in a new system purchase.

This is a warranty you can count on!

ComSys's 5-Star Warranty becomes effective upon installation of many new telecommunication systems and provides for replacement of installed failed equipment. The program is the industry's most comprehensive risk management program giving businesses protection over unforeseen system expenses.

Partner Programs

The most complete, cost effective Communications Support Plan in the industry!

ComSys includes the Partnership Protection Program as a standard inclusion for year one on new system installations. The combination of the ComSys 5 Star Warranty and the Partnership Protection Program ensures our customers of coverage on installed parts and labor for no charge for the year following a new system installation.

Customers who participate in one of our Partner Programs (C-TAP or PPP) become Priority Customers, and receive priority response and service, ensuring prompt resolution of any issues that might interfere or interrupt business.

Our voice and data Partner Plans provide turn-key solutions for sustained productivity improvements. We assume the responsibility for maintaining the equipment, for making adjustments to the programming to fit your evolving needs, and for keeping your users trained on how to use the core features of your systems. Let ComSys help you leverage your communications investment to maximize its return.

ComSys is committed to providing "Raving Fans" service for our business partners. This is why ComSys guarantees an emergency response time and is available to our customers 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year.

Customer Advocate

Customer Advocate provides current and prospective customers with an even higher level of service and satisfaction. The Customer Advocate will help businesses of all sizes take advantage of leading communications technology to increase profitability, enhance productivity, and give them a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

The Customer Advocate will assist you in learning more about the latest developments in communications, find creative ways to reduce costs, and obtain a better understanding of how to efficiently utilize technology to grow your organization. With technology changing so rapidly that in order to remain competitive one has to adapt and maximize it to the fullest extent or they may not be around tomorrow.

The mission of our Customer Advocates is to engage the telecommunication company's customers and proactively make them aware of technologies that they haven't currently adopted which could greatly benefit their business. Some examples of these technologies include Voice over Internet (VoIP), call accounting, web and audio conferencing, GPS tracking systems for company vehicles, voice recognition, and digital surveillance systems. Through its strategic partnerships with leading industry providers like SIP Trunking, Video Conferencing, GPS Tracking systems and Surveillance Systems, ComSys can easily coordinate and implement numerous solutions, which in most cases will have an immediate impact on the performance of any company. Each Customer Advocate will communicate critical information via online technology seminars, ongoing email newsletters, and one-to-one communication.

Our Customer Advocates will keep you educated on an ever changing technological environment and enhance the performance of your business. Their objective is to assist you in bridging the gap to technology and design a game plan to successfully implement it within your company.

Customer Training

ComSys provides complete and professional training for your entire organization. ComSys trainers are professionals skilled at instructing new users in the mechanics of operating all ComSys products. ComSys provides training with the customer in mind emphasizing:

Customized Training:

ComSys understands that each client has different needs and requires specialized attention with a new telecommunications system. That is why it is ComSys policy to schedule training at the customer's convenience to educate each user on how their telephone operates to maximize the efficiency of the system.


Each user receives reference guides and customized instructions that describe the use of system and station features. This information is an excellent reference tool. It is used during the training sessions so that users learn to refer to it for future use.

Receptionist Training:

The receptionist is often the focal point for a company's communications. Therefore specialized training is set up for your answering position in a one-on-one environment. ComSys will train the receptionist for approximately one hour or until they are comfortable processing calls on their own.

General User Training:

ComSys trains general users in small groups. During this training, features designed for your specific phone set is reviewed along with the associated documentation. After the user classes are over, the trainer will move around the office to answer any questions from individual users.

Follow-Up Training:

Once the users have had time to get familiar with their new system, ComSys can arrange for follow up training that will review their application in more detail since the last training session. Years of experience validate this approach. Trying to train the customer on all of the systems capabilities at once often leaves the customer confused and frustrated. ComSys wants your transition to be smooth and simple.

System Administrative Training:

All of our systems have available software that will allow you to make the everyday changes to your system. A ComSys representative will educate your delegated staff to learn how to use this software program to empower you to keep your system current.

Network Assessment

While the cost savings and new applications of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) are rapidly attracting many small to mid sized companies to this popular communication solution, it may come with a significant price to your network. Not only must your network carry more traffic, but VoIP traffic demands very high performance and is more sensitive to normal network problems like delays and choppy communication. Even modest levels of impairment, unnoticed by users of most data applications, will cause significant caller frustration and will not sit well with your customers, business partners, or even your own employees.

Before investing in a large-scale VoIP deployment or even in a small trial, you need to know how well your network infrastructure will handle the additional, quality-sensitive voice traffic. Many seemingly well-planned trials encounter delay after delay, exceed cost estimates, and are eventually cancelled when the network proves unable to meet the unique requirements VoIP places on it. However, these business issues can easily be avoided if your telecommunications provider properly assesses your network ahead of time to truly understand the scope and type of work required to ensure a successful transition to VoIP.

Gartner reports that 85% of networks are not ready for VoIP. What's even more shocking is that 75% of companies that do not perform a pre-implementation analysis of their network infrastructure will not realize a successful implementation. These are astonishing statistics because without conducting a network assessment with a quality assessment tool the potential for wasting time and money is extremely high. In order to increase the likelihood of a successful VoIP implementation, an evaluation of the network must be properly executed and should include the following four steps.

1. Pre-Deployment Assessment

The pre-deployment assessment step analyzes the current capabilities of the network, evaluates its ability to support VoIP, identifies potential problems, and determines the requirements needed to handle expected call traffic. It is strongly recommended that the pre-deployment test is conducted prior to the purchase or installation of any VoIP equipment. The analysis should include such items as bandwidth, utilization, jitter, throughput and latency.

2. Post-Deployment Assessment

The purpose of the post-deployment assessment is to gain a complete understanding of VoIP quality and network efficiencies prior to turning it on. This step determines the level of success and prevents issues with call quality or dropped calls. Whenever new equipment is introduced to a network the chance for unexpected issues rises; therefore, it is critical that post-deployment assessment is not overlooked. This assessment should be immediately performed so any changes can be made in a timely manner.

3. Regular Maintenance Assessment

As you're probably aware, your network is dynamic and constantly evolves. New devices such as IP phones, laptops, switches, and routers are added or removed. Whether it's a minor change or a major one it will impact your network. Therefore, it is important to re-evaluate your network regularly to identify any faults so they can be corrected as soon as possible. Conducting ongoing assessments will help your organization increase quality, optimize system infrastructure, and reduce costs.

4. Break/Fix Strategy

Unfortunately, unforeseen things may happen to a network that's not readily identified by your IT department. The situation may be brought to your company's attention by a customer, an employee or business partner. The Yankee Group has reported that some companies' labor costs grew 30 to 40 percent with VoIP because of dealing with network problems. Having a network assessment tool in place enables one to take action quickly, diagnose the problem, and resolve it, while minimizing its impact to the system as a whole. Essentially, these four key steps have illustrated the primary objective and the many benefits of conducting network assessments. Whether your company is about to take the plunge into VoIP or has already gone down that path, it is critical to deploy a tool that can accurately analyze your network. Surprisingly, most companies overlook this integral component of the VoIP implementation process and the research clearly shows its negative impact.

As you tap into this relatively new communication solution that's changing how business gets done, make sure you ask yourself this question. What is my telecommunications provider doing to create a network environment that enables may company to take full advantage of VoIP? If network assessment is not included in the response then something is definitely wrong.

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