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All the reliability and quality of land-line voice bundled with the performance and functionality of dedicated high-speed Internet access. With any of our ClearPhone packages your business can get local, long distance and dedicated Internet access in one simple, reliable package. Start by selecting one of our ClearPhone voice packages below:
And oh, don't tell the phone company, but... all of your long-distance is on us!

Package Names ClearPhone Lite
(3-5 users)
ClearPhone I
(6-25 users)
ClearPhone II
(26-50 users)
ClearPhone III
(51-100 users)
PRI Voice only
(up to 70 users)
Bandwidth 1.5 (Asymmetrical
DSL Connection)
1.5 3.0 4.5 N/A
Phone Lines
(Includes 3 DID
per line)
2 6 16 23 23
3 15 23 23 23
Monthly Cost
$195 $495 $995 $1,695 $1,095

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