Custom Productions-on-Hold

Your callers' time is precious!

They're calling your company or organization to get information they need about the products and services you offer. Then, because you're busy, they get placed on hold.

Now what?

No worries! Your company uses the 100% Digital DPU3K System for telephone on-hold marketing from Info-Chip Communications Ltd. The DPU3K System, with your custom message and music on-hold production playing, delivers the information that you want your callers to hear while they're waiting to speak with you!

Information like...

  • New products and services
  • Locations, directions, and hours
  • Helpful suggestions
  • New website information
  • Plus much, much more (it's like your very own personal radio station where you control the programming!)
  • Best of all, the DPU3K System makes your company's bottom line look even better. On-hold marketing from Info-Chip Communications is proven to increase business!

Exclusive Features

  • Internet-based delivery of productions directly to the unit with virtually no need for user-intervention, no tapes, no CD's, no cartridges
  • Easy to install – just plug in and play
  • 100% maintenance free, operates perfectly even in the dirtiest and dustiest environment
  • Point and click browser-based controls allow for volume changes, and to choose from one of up to two stored on-hold productions
  • Productions and all unit settings are non-volatile, no reloading or reprogramming if power goes out
  • Music licensing covered through Info-Chip Communications Ltd.
  • Complete with AC adapter and connecting cable included
  • Seven year manufacturer's warranty the best in the business

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