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Star2Star Communications

Star2Star Communications develops and delivers Integrated Communication and Collaboration solutions that connect and enable Productive Business People. Star2Star's award-winning technology employs a unique Blended Architecture that overcomes the reliability and quality limitations of other Internet communications technologies. Founded in 2006, Star2Star delivers innovative features and increased productivity while providing substantial cost savings.

Star2Star Communications offers the only fully integrated End-to-End internet-based phone solution for small and mid-sized business. We manufacture the system hardware, we provide the telephone service, and we monitor and manage all aspects of the system, network and call quality.

This all-in-one approach, available only from Star2Star, delivers a perfect blend of system features, call quality, reliability and savings. Take, for example, StarBackup, our exclusive six-way backup feature that includes triple redundant internet connections, redundant phone carriers, analog line switchover, automatic call-forwarding if office power is lost, data center bypass and redundant self-swapping switching equipment at the data center. The result? Star2Star Communications is the only Internet phone solution vendor able to guarantee 99.9% reliability.

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Toshiba's goal is to migrate existing and new customers to a highly adaptive, applications enabled, IP Communications Solution that will allow the Enterprise to do business the way they want to. Their system will incorporate the best of today's quality and reliability, call handling, messaging, and other applications in a well abstracted, cutting edge, rules based architecture for unparalleled flexibility.

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